"Remodeling an old church requires both respect for the old and vision for the new-a perfect challenge for Holly Hollenbeck and her team at HSH Interiors. In under a year we visioned, planned and executed an extensive remodel of our old church, originally built by the community in the 1930’s. Holly was instrumental in helping us select and work with our architect, contractor, cabinet maker and landscape designer, creating a dynamic team that brought the project to life. The renovation included rethinking the entry, remodeling the kitchen and three bathrooms, adding a guest bath and installing radiant heat throughout the house.


Holly has an impeccable eye for detail, a love of unique fixtures and materials and is unfailingly optimistic. She and her team are patient, resourceful and unbelievably organized, never leaving a detail to chance. Their detailed plans and schematics created a road map for all to follow, making the project manageable and the results stunning. Holly always acted with integrity and transparency and was a delight to work with."





"I have used Holly and HSH Interiors on two of my homes that have very different styles. She has done an outstanding job on both houses. She always seems to be several steps ahead when it comes to finding interesting new finishes or bringing back something from the past but giving it a new twist. I never have to worry about whether a paint will be too bright or dark in a room or if it will blend nicely with the other finishes in the room. She has a superb eye for small details as well as making sure everything comes together. I can ask her how deep a drawer should be or how high a shower head should be placed and trust her answer. That to me is invaluable. Those types of questions can drive a person crazy during a remodel or building project!"





"I discovered HSH Interiors by accident right before I began building a new house. My real estate broker took me to a home in Mill Valley and I fell in love with the decor - it was one of the most beautiful homes I'd ever seen. I told the owner of the home that I was going to be building a house soon, and wanted the name of her designer. She said, "I'm a designer. I did it." That was Holly Hollenbeck of HSH Interiors, and I pretty much begged her to work with me right there on the spot. Working with Holly and her staff has been amazing ever since. She started with us right at the beginning of the project - a 4800 square foot new construction residence in Mill Valley - before the house had even been designed, and her expertise and knowledge of the design process proved to be invaluable right from the start. Her taste is impeccable, cool and on trend, yet completely timeless. Her knowledge of the best contractors and subcontractors to work with is amazingly helpful. She is always up-to-date on new products, and is always organized, on time, and prepared. And perhaps most importantly, she really gets to know her clients, and that means she understands their tastes and their vision, and she is super creative when it comes to turning the client's dreams into a reality. Words can't even convey how happy I am with my home. I truly could not have done this without Holly and am so grateful for her immense talent, creativity, commitment and most of all, friendship and guidance." – Client


"We have all seen amazing interiors, and we have all seen great examples of fine detailing, but rarely if ever have we seen such an amazing example of the interiors expressing the owner's character in such a way. This house is so unique in so many ways, and your attention to the finishes, textures and details brought it to life in a way that I don't think anyone else could have. Great Job!" – Jeff Jungsten, President, Caletti Jungsten Construction





"Thank you for all your advice and assistance with the design of our new home interior. We are so happy there — so pleased with the outcome, and grateful for the help in making it feel so good to inhabit that space. Abrazos!"